Content Operations

Too much content is created without a strategy, resulting in wasted time and money.

Content operations bring structure and order to content creation, leading to increased efficiency and ROI.

We can help you develop a content strategy that will make your content work for you.

Improve your content management today.


What Is Content Operations?

Content operations (or ContentOps) is the set of processes, people, and technologies needed for strategically planning, creating, publishing, managing and analysing all content types for all channels across an enterprise.

It’s a framework for how an enterprise or business creates the content that powers their customer experiences.

Depending on the scale of your organisation, ContentOps will typically include:

Content Strategy, Marketing Plans, Content Plans

Business level objectives and goals (how else will you know what content to create?)

Governance, key procedures and core processes (for control)

Ideation (creators working alongside subject matter experts)

Content creation, publication and distribution (web, social, email & other channels)

Reporting (Monitoring, Analysing and Evaluation)

Who Needs Content Operations?

Anyone who creates or uses content. That means channel owners, content creators, and content managers—which, of course, is almost every department in any large organisation.

How can Highly.Digital help your ContentOps?

With our help you can define the operational model that suits your specific needs. We work alongside your existing digital or communications department to establish modern content operations. 

By investing in Content Operations today, you will produce more effective content, more efficiently.

What does Content Operations look like?

In an ideal world, companies would invest their resources by producing content that meets their objectives. There would be no testing. Everything would work smoothly and as expected. 

Once content was published and distributed, your target audience would take the desired action. This would be easily measured and reported back to senior management. 

However…producing content is often a difficult task for many organisations. Processes can get overlooked or ignored. People are too busy or move on. The tools and technology may not be fit for purpose.

Can you identify your target audience? 

Who are you trying to reach with your content? 

Knowing your target audience will help you determine the best channels and tactics to use.

This is how Highly.Digital can help you

We can establish processes to make content production more efficient and more meaningful. 

We can establish clear roles and responsibilities for your staff.

And we can advise how best to use tools and technology to get the job done.