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As a content strategy agency, we help businesses create better, more meaningful content. Our user-led, content-driven approach ensures the digital experience is second to none.

Our Content Strategy Service includes:

Do you need a Content Strategy?

If you’re like most business owners, you know that you need a content strategy, but you may not know where to start. A content strategy is important because it helps you to focus your content efforts and make the most of your time and resources. It also helps you to create content that is relevant to your customers and that it meets their needs.

Answer the following questions to find out if you need a content strategy.

What’s your core strategy?

What drives communications and marketing within your organisation?

Do you have any business plans or marketing strategies?

Maybe you already have a content strategy that is embedded within your company. Does it connect your business goals to the needs of your customers?

Do you know the user need?

Do you create and design content with the needs of the user front and center?

Do you test your content and iterate based on results and feedback?

Do you know your audience?

Can you identify your target audience?

Who are you trying to reach with your content?

Knowing your target audience will help you determine the best channels and tactics to use.

Can your content be repackaged for different channels?

When you create content, do you have a distribution channel in mind?

If you write a promotional email, do you also create social media content at the same time?

How much effort do you spend creating content for multiple channels?

Is your content created for a single purpose or with distribution and syndication in mind?

Content Design

Content is not just words.

Do you have a content design process?

Have you defined the user need?

Is your content valuable to your audience?

Attention Deficit Content

How engaging is your content?

Who is it for?

Are you good at storytelling?

How good are you at grabbing people’s attention?

What have you learned from your analytics?

Are you continuously improving the user experience?

What does content look like?

Is your content a mix of rich content?

What format does you content take?

Do you write blogs, press releases, case studies, social media, ad copy, create video, produce audio and so on?

Is your content available offline or downloadable?

Do you have an app?

Is content an afterthought?

How sustainable is your content?

Is your web content evergreen?

Do you have the resources to keep it up to date?

Is there a content review mechanism?

Have you conducted a conduct audit?

Who’s in charge of content?

Do you have a content manager?

Who is responsible for your social media content?

How is your content managed?

Do you have an asset or artefact management system?

Do you have a content operations team or process?

Do you adhere to digital content guidelines?

Are there digital content guidelines?

Do you have an editorial process?

Is there an agreed style guide in place?

Do you content creators follow the rules?

How accessible is your content?

Legislation is in place to ensure businesses follow accessibility best practice. Are you compliant?

Do you go further than the regulations stipulate?

Is your content accessible, meaning that everyone can understand it?

Do you use language that is difficult to understand?

How modern is your content stack?

Is your website built on the latest web technology?

Are you using SaaS tools to create content?

Are you following the latest design trends?

Or are you stuck using legacy tools that are no longer fit for purpose?

How discoverable is your content?

SEO is more than a buzzword. Creating content that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) means anyone can find your content.

But it’s more important than search results.

Is your content structured?

Does your website have a taxonomy?

Is there a defined information architecture?

Most importantly, can your users easily find what they are looking for?

Is the user experience excellent?

Who manages your brand?

Do you have a style guide or voice and tone guidelines?

Who is responsible for managing your brand?

How important is content to your brand?

Did you know that a content strategy can improve your brand?

Do you follow a digital-first approch?

Do you take advantage of native publishing tools built into many digital channels?

We may be obsessed with the Internet, but there’s still a need for print material. However, we believe all content should be digital-first, meaning that it’s designed for modern distribution channels. Digital-first content can easily be adapted for print if required.

How do you plan to resource your content machine?

People, time and money. These resources will determine how you can scale your content production team.

Do you already have a content team?

Is content creation shared amongst your staff or is it outsourced?

Is content production led by a content strategist?

Do you value the need to resource your content production process?

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